If We Only Knew…

While I was in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, and Baltimore I encountered scores of wandering people.  Some of them were homeless, some of them looked just like you and I.  Some of them were angry, some of them wore smiles.  They were wandering though.  

I enjoy people watching.  I wonder, “what is going on with his life?” or “where is she coming from right now?”   Do you ever wonder what someone else is thinking.  You ever just want to meet a need?  What does it mean for us to look outside ourselves?  

I was reading a blog of one of my former students here.  He posted this video recently, hope you like it and I hope it makes you think.



2 thoughts on “If We Only Knew…

  1. I know that this is really random, but i decided for it to go on the post that didn’t have a comment yet.

    How did you get the picture for when you search your tags?

    p.s. the video is good. thanks for sharing it. its very interesting to think about what others are going through.

    p.p.s. what do you think the guy talked to the kid about? i bet he told him to ditch the skateboard and start playing sports. haha

  2. Interesting video clip. I’m having a difficult time responding, because I do see that or those things written on other people. And the key I think is to do what the man did at the very end. We have got to embrace them ourselves or simply go crazy. Somebody did that for me. Who am I going to do that for? (Stop long enough to listen and care that is.)

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