I am so thankful to the people of BPPC and the surrounding ministries (merge, Youth Group, etc.) for the wonderful “going away” party/merge service they had for us last night. We are thankful we don’t need to leave these relationships and we know that many of you will be partnering with us through prayer. 

I look forward to having a Youthmark Prayer Fellowship on Monday, August 18 at the Heiders.  I will keep you posted at this site (it will be in the evening).  We covet your prayers in the mean-time.  

I will be heading down to LA for a quick day and a half of meetings to discuss publishing, marketing and the like.  Please pray for these meetings.  Pray for safety in travel as well.  I’ll post from down there.

For those of you connected to BPPC and the family gathered last night.  Thank you.  We were/are very blessed to have you as friends.



2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. We really just used your “going away” party as a way to see our BPPC friends! I’m glad we can count you and Elisabeth as part of those friends.
    I wish there had been more time for people to say thanks – it’s when we hear the stories that we really see how much you and Elisabeth have given to those at BPPC.
    I look forward to seeing/ hearing all that God has for your family with the launch of Youthmark. You’ve birthed two huge changes to your family life very close together and I’m praying that all the adjusting will go smoothly!

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