What You May Be Neglecting In Your Ministry

If you were to identify two or three areas of neglect in your youth ministry what would they be right now?

Seriously, if you are involved with student ministry you ought to be asking yourself this question and rectifying the neglect.

I recently revisited a blog I wrote a couple years ago and tweaked it a bit for the Dare2Share blog. That blog went live on the site yesterday here.

In short, I make the case that I see three things that many ministries are neglecting.

1. The Campus

2. Evangelism

3. The Gospel

Some may argue that this trifecta ought to be three of the pillars of a youth ministry, yet they’re getting neglected.

But no worries, I am not one to just name the problem and hope that it goes away, check out the post, I give three suggestions for the road to redemption!

Check it out and give some feedback (here or there)!



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