You’re NOT too Broken!

As some of you know I write for Dare 2 Share Ministries. It’s been a fun experience and a blessing to be part of a ministry so committed to getting the Gospel out to all people (and especially through teens)!

When I was praying about  the opportunity presented, I immediately thought about doing a column entitled “Dear Aaby,” and allow students, leaders and parents to ask questions about evangelism. The idea expanded as I said “yes” to the invite and today the Dear Aaby blogs have been going for over a year.

This last one was titled “Am I too broken?” It stems from a question a student  asked me when he found out that I wrote for Dare 2 Share.

Check out the D2S post here (with complete question from him and my video answer) or you can see my video response to him below.

Curious, how would you respond to a question like that?




Hide and Go Seek Anyone?

Hide and go seek…

Kick the can…


These were all some of my favorites growing up and as a youth pastor. Well, it seems I just finished a masterful game of “all of the above” when it comes to my blog.

I plan to be back to writing after Labor Day after an unintended break.

Though I’ve stayed pretty regular on my writing for Dare 2 Share, I have completely stayed away from my own blog over the summer. This was a surprise to me… but it came with good reason. I plan to write about the unintended break sometime this weekend and post it next week.

But no worries, I’ve heard the “ollie ollie oxen free” call! I’ll be at home-base and blogging again next week!


3 Phrases I Disagree With (Sort Of)

My latest post at the Dare 2 Share blog may have you wondering if I’ve lost my senses… I make the argument that I really don’t like these three phrases:

  • “Make sure you invite your friends to youth group.”
  • “Sign up for the mission trip!”
  • “You want to get saved?”

I have a lot of fun writing for Dare 2 Share and I can see already that this latest post has gotten some good action! Check it out here!


You Want Me To Talk About My Faith? Seriously?

Ask a teen about her favorite movie and you may be caught listening for a few minutes.

Ask a young man about the best video game out there and he’ll talk up a storm.

A teen athlete may go on and on about his last game.

But ask a Christian teen about his/her relationship with Christ and you may get a blank stare.

“You want me to share about my faith?”

Yes, it can be intimidating, but it’s mainly intimidating because we just aren’t practicing it.

In my most recent post for Dare 2 Share, I answer a basic question via video, “How can I bring up my relationship with Jesus to my friends?”

Check out the full post here or watch the video below.




You’re Invited…

Yep, the brief break is over… after nearly a month of really not posting, I shall return to some regular posts. It really was an unintentional break to begin with, things just got to be very busy in the midst of the Mission51 Retreats (a post about that is on the horizon).

Today, I soft-launch back by pointing you to a post that I wrote for Dare 2 Share dealing with the power of invitation.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to travel to Southern California for the Youth Ministry Executive Council. This yearly gathering, hosted by the National Network of Youth Ministries draws the lead person from a myriad of youth ministry related organizations. I love the relationships I have formed from these gatherings. A few years back I was so honored to have received the invitation.

The event is NOT what gets me to go back, the relationships I have with these men and women from across the country is the lure! Relationships matter!

Have you ever thought about using the “power of invite” in your own life of faith-sharing? Getting your friend to church is great, but that is not the end-goal! Check out my latest post at the Dare 2 Share blog and see if it inspires you to make some invites this week! Relationships matter!


When Your Parents Say No To Evangelism

Being a parent of three I understand the dilemma that parents face when it comes to exposure to the things of this world… For my most recent Dare 2 Share post, I was faced with what may be my most difficult question yet.

Check out the full question and answer here.

In summary, “Ben” asks, “what if my parents tell me I can’t relate to non-Christians, but I really want to evangelize?”

I provided my answer via YouTube below, but I’d love for you to read his entire question at the Dare 2 Share blog.


How to Create Relationships with Unchurched People

Timing is everything…

I am honored to be a blogger for my friends at Dare 2 Share, through D2S I write four posts per month but never know when one may go live. The timing on a blog post this month couldn’t have been better.

On Thursday of this week I received an email from a youth pastor friend of mine who has been attending the Youthmark Mission51 Retreats I believe since they began. His letter virtually mirrors the Dear Aaby question I received a couple months ago for the D2S blog. 

Both questions were essentially asking, “how can I, as a pastor, create relationships with unchurched peers?” 

Check out the letter & question on the Dare 2 Share blog here.

Here is my video response!


Full Circle

This weekend has been a fun one for me.

I’m doing some behind the scenes stuff for the Dare 2 Share conference, namely doing some pre-work for the blog I write for them (here).

Not only is it fun seeing my many friends at D2S, it’s great to hang out with my friends from the band Everfound. Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to share in ministry with them (we’ve done camps and events together).

After my first event I did with them (2010) I got in touch with D2S and told them they needed to get Everfound on the radar. Here we are three years later and they’re touring together! It’s come full circle!

Two summers ago I had my family with me for a camp in Colorado that I spoke at and Everfound was the worship band (my kids fell in love with them). Since then we have had them up to the Northwest for a couple Youthmark events as well. My kids were stoked to see them today.

The Aaby kids with Everfound

The Aaby kids with Everfound

As I gear up for the main part of our Mission51 Training Retreat tour, this has been a fun weekend to sort 0f get ref0cussed on the task at hand and be encouraged by good friends.



Students Aren’t The Only Ones Asking…

Our small group (full of us “older peeps”) had a great conversation last night about the days following the crucifixion.

Questions arose…

  • “If you were one of the disciples, what would you have done after he was killed and buried?”
  • “Would you have believed it when someone said ‘He’s alive?”
  • “What would it be like when you really did see him alive?”

Then the doozy of all questions became the topic of conversation for the rest of our time…

  • “After seeing Jesus alive, who would you tell and how would you tell them about Jesus?”

Our questions has less to do with back then and more about today. Who are we telling about the resurrected Savior of our sins?

I love that the small group with folk in their late 20’s through people in their 50’s is asking the same question teens are asking. As I gear up to train students this spring through Youthmark’s Mission51 Retreats I was pleased to see that my friends at Dare 2 Share just posted a video in which a gal coming off of weekend retreat was essentially asking the question “how can I talk about Jesus after I’ve been to camp?”  You can see the question and read my answer at the D2S blog here. Here is the quick (45 seconds or so) video.

I hope you’re thinking through real-life spiritual conversations just like Joy is. I hope you’re asking the question “whom shall I share with?” and “how shall I share?”


Not too Late!

Though we’re nearing the middle of March this weekend very much has a “mission” feel to it.

P1030532If you’re at a church still wondering what you want to do this summer, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to get you going down the right path so that you and your teens can still get involved with something HIGHLY significant this spring and summer! The cool thing, there are mission opportunities for under $200 to as much as you want with ALL of the training, fundraising and even a retreat involved!

Here’s why I feel this weekend has a mission feel…

1. I am speaking at a fundraising banquet for Youthmark’s premier partner Youth Missions International!

2. My friends at Dare 2 Share just posted a video interview I did with another Youthmark partner, Verge ministries. Check out that couple minute video below (and the post here).

photo3. My own church, Faith, is running a student conference for the ConvergeNW network. Many of these students are currently training for their upcoming Mexico trip through Move: Mission Prep Workbook!

Hope you’re thinking about a mission, but not just a mission trip, prepare for Mission51, the 51 weeks beyond a mission trip! We’re called to be missionaries here, there and anywhere!