Students Aren’t The Only Ones Asking…

Our small group (full of us “older peeps”) had a great conversation last night about the days following the crucifixion.

Questions arose…

  • “If you were one of the disciples, what would you have done after he was killed and buried?”
  • “Would you have believed it when someone said ‘He’s alive?”
  • “What would it be like when you really did see him alive?”

Then the doozy of all questions became the topic of conversation for the rest of our time…

  • “After seeing Jesus alive, who would you tell and how would you tell them about Jesus?”

Our questions has less to do with back then and more about today. Who are we telling about the resurrected Savior of our sins?

I love that the small group with folk in their late 20’s through people in their 50’s is asking the same question teens are asking. As I gear up to train students this spring through Youthmark’s Mission51 Retreats I was pleased to see that my friends at Dare 2 Share just posted a video in which a gal coming off of weekend retreat was essentially asking the question “how can I talk about Jesus after I’ve been to camp?”  You can see the question and read my answer at the D2S blog here. Here is the quick (45 seconds or so) video.

I hope you’re thinking through real-life spiritual conversations just like Joy is. I hope you’re asking the question “whom shall I share with?” and “how shall I share?”



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