How to Create Relationships with Unchurched People

Timing is everything…

I am honored to be a blogger for my friends at Dare 2 Share, through D2S I write four posts per month but never know when one may go live. The timing on a blog post this month couldn’t have been better.

On Thursday of this week I received an email from a youth pastor friend of mine who has been attending the Youthmark Mission51 Retreats I believe since they began. His letter virtually mirrors the Dear Aaby question I received a couple months ago for the D2S blog. 

Both questions were essentially asking, “how can I, as a pastor, create relationships with unchurched peers?” 

Check out the letter & question on the Dare 2 Share blog here.

Here is my video response!



One thought on “How to Create Relationships with Unchurched People

  1. I coached for 20 years in the public schools. Originally, I intended for it to be an access point to kids and their campus. What it bacame was something MORE. By faithfully serving my program, I gained (and still have) a redemptive point of context with parents, and the very people who are influencing our kids on a daily basis… the teachers and administrators. I became their peer, their advocate, and at times their counselor. I have made some big moves in my ministry, but through social media continue to have a voice into their lives. The focus now?…we are working on our neighbors, and many of the lost seekers who are walking through our doors each week.

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