The Most Important Poll You’ll Ever Take

Yes, it was worth it to interrupt your holiday weekend to come to this all-too-important Blog-Poll.

Those lovely election phone calls and polls you took were semi-imporant… but they’re no match for this one!

This is one to be prepared for and perhaps even prayed about. Be careful you’re not drugged out on tryptophan when attempting this doozy of a poll.

Yep, it’s time for the Impossible Thanksgiving Day Poll.

WARNING: Much time and thought has gone into the preparation of said poll. Think through your answer and be ready to give an account for your answer. The way this economy, global warming, traffic delays and zoo overcrowding are looking, this hypothetical may soon very well be our reality.

Don’t hesitate to comment below and share why you chose to omit such an important aspect of someone else’s Thanksgiving Day tradition!



2 thoughts on “The Most Important Poll You’ll Ever Take

  1. I don’t think we should kill animals and eat them. So there. That was easy. Bring on the potatoes, stuffing, desserts and FOOTBALL!

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