Oh Dear! Partnering Up For The Cause

For the last three months I have been a contributing author for the Dare 2 Share Blog Relational and Relentless.

It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve receive a number of comments via the blog, Twitter, Facebook, text and in person. It seems people like the little play on words I created with one series I am running there called Dear Aaby.

The latest Dear Aaby post has to do with evangelism as it relates to home school students. Most Youth Pastors I have dealt with have told me countless stories of home school students and even Christian school students feeling like relational evangelism is impossible, since they haven’t any unchurched friends.

We’d love for you to submit a Dear Aaby question here on my blog, email me (brian at youthmark dot com) but most of all I’d love to you to comment on the D2S blog and keep the discussion rolling there!




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