A Guaranteed Way To See Lives Changed

Here’s the guarantee: Pray WITH Youth.

I have been very encouraged by the reaction to the release of Pray21! No, I don’t believe that this book is the guarantee to changed lives, but I do know that it serves as an excellent guide for Praying WITH Youth (which does change lives). Pray21 is a simple, less-than-a-month commitment between a teen and an adult mentor.

The guarantee is that Praying WITH Youth will change lives — the lives of both the teen and the mentor.

Take just a second to think of the effects it’ll have on a teen:

  • he/she will feel cared for and supported
  • he/she will discover gifts and abilities
  • he/she will learn from God’s word
  • he/she will have a sense of being a part of the greater body (not just youth group)
  • he/she will likely gain encouragement that is so desperately needed in his/her life

How about the effect it’ll have on the adults/church:

  • We will have a greater connection with the next generation
  • We will be reminded that teens are far more capable than what most think they are able to accomplish.
  • We will have a greater sense of our calling and influence
  • We will see that 1 Corinthians 12 is true (one body, many parts, all needed)
  • We will likely gain a lifelong friend

“Pray21 has made a bigger impact on our congregation than any other thing we’ve done together” Dave Lind, Senior Pastor, Calvary Bible Church, Rutland, VT

I know I want to see permanent changes in my own life and in the lives around me. Changes that lead me closer to the thoughts and actions of Jesus. Prayer is what will fuel these changes. Praying WITH a teen will change both of our lives!

So seriously, what would prevent you and your church from doing Pray21?



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