Don’t be THAT church…

Whether an introvert or an extrovert you will likely agree that ultimately you don’t like the longterm feeling of being alone. Even if you’re not energized by crowds of people, time with individuals, especially specific people, can renew your drive.

Is your church a church where renewal takes place? Are you part of a church where introverts and extroverts alike walk away liked? 

On a recent trip to the New England states I had the opportunity to speak a number of times to Youth Leaders in these great Northeast states. Though I love speaking with and to Youth Leaders my favorite speaking engagement was with the students, parents and leadership in Rutland, Vermont. Calvary Bible is a church that gets it, not THAT church that doesn’t.

My friend Rob Townshend, had me share with his flock about Mission51. They get it. But they get so much more. This church is going above and beyond and setting an example that I believe can serve as a wake up to anyone attending a church and a word of encouragement to all congregations.

CBC recently sent an invitation to all the Pastors and spouses of Bible-believing churches in Rutland County. The invitation was for a fancy-shmancy catered dinner they hosted at their church. All told, 17 couples attended this unity-inducing event. 17 couples received love, attention and thanks for loving and showing attention to the people of Rutland County. CBC paid the bill, the pastors were shown the love and Jesus received the glory!

Unfortunately a couple of the Pastors at this dinner serve at THAT church. THAT church that doesn’t seem to get it. In talking to Rob, he passed on to me what he (unfortunately) heard from a couple of the Pastors. This was a comment that both crushed me and awakened me:

“Thank you so much for this gift. You’ll likely be the only ones who recognize and honor us during Pastor Appreciation month.”

I pray that I am never part of THAT church. I was a Pastor for 16 years, I have felt alone as a Pastor but can’t imagine what it would be like in rural Vermont. In an area that feels very northwest like–unchurched, I have to believe the loneliness that many of these pastor must feel is sure to be overwhelming at times. I love what Calvary Bible Church did for these co-laborers. And I love that the leadership did this because this is what is modeled to them by their own church! They’re becoming a community that reflects Acts 2:42-47.

I am no longer serving as a vocational Pastor. I am a member, congregant and lay leader. I pray that our Pastors feel appreciated, loved and thanked. But not because it is October (and Pastors appreciation month), but because it is Biblical and truly true. I love my church, our congregants and leaders alike! My prayer is that we are becoming an Acts 2:42-47 community and that as a natural, spiritual progression, God will add DAILY to the numbers being saved!

I don’t want to be THAT church. As far as it depends upon me (and hopefully as far as it depends on the rest of Faith Church), I will make sure that our pastors are recognized, thanked and honored.


How about you?


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