Tales From The Field: Student Stories

This next spring Youthmark will be hosting our fifth season of “Mission51 Retreats.” Though we had been known for our Mission Ventures, the area of our ministry that has always scored the highest points has been our Mission51 Retreats and our curriculum.

Like our curriculum, each Mission51 Retreat has had a different theme and creative teaching/worship elements. This year we are making our biggest leap and risking in a brand new way and I’D LIKE YOUR HELP!

Can you do one (or more) of the following?

  1.  Tell a story of a student you know who is faithful to sharing Christ in his/her Mission51 Field (the 51 weeks outside of the mission)
  2.  Have a student write (email) in his/her story of building relationship/sharing Christ at a peer level at home.
  3.  Shoot (vide) a 1-2 minute (highest rez possible) of a teen sharing his or her story of being able to build relationship and share Jesus.*

Of course, you, as a youth leader, may have some stories of your own, I am really interested in hearing your stories of peer-level sharing (not just opportunities you had with teens).

Please send emails, videos and/or video links to info@youthmark.com.

-OR- simply comment here on the blog “I have one” and I’ll contact you (by commenting I, internally, have access to your email and can contact you).

We want to use these stories and videos as part of our Mission51 Retreat!

I can’t wait to reveal the theme and sneak in a few hints as to what will take place this year… stay tuned!



*If doing video we need video permissions given, anyone 18 or older can say “I ______ give permission for Youthmark to use this video for promotion and training purposes”.  If student is under 18, get a video of his/her parent giving permission.


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