Dear Aaby: The Debut!

I’ve been waiting for this day! The day of NAME-REDEMPTION!

“Hey Westminster,” “Flabby” or “Dear Abby” were the common dig-attempts.

For too many years I was made the victim by having the last name Aaby (let alone all the times I had to go first, for simply being first in the alphabet). Well, this morning I discovered that my post for the Dare 2 Share blog (Relational And Relentless) entitled “Dear Aaby” went live. I hope that it makes a regular appearance where students, youth leaders or parents can ask questions, specifically about evangelism related topics!

Check out it out here. And then after watching it (about 2 minutes) I’d love for you to come back here and comment any questions you’d like to see answered in the Dear Aaby series. Don’t hesitate to email a question as well (brian at youthmark dot com).

This debut episode tackles the question of how to take a common youth group game and use it for evangelistic purposes!  Watch now!

Let’s tackle the fears of sharing our faith and relationally live and share the Gospel!


Comment or email: What question do you have about evangelism/sharing our faith?


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