It’s been too long since we’ve done a contest. And, since it’s Father’s Day weekend, let’s go ahead and do something in the genre of family… so, here ya go…

Perhaps you’re new to one of these WAIT contests. WAIT stands for “What Am I Thinking?”  It essentially is your opportunity to give a caption, thought or quote(s) for the picture below.  Submit yours through the comment and don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away, I need to approve many whom haven’t commented ever (or in a long time).

Best ones will make the “in the running section” and then I’ll select the champion from among those. The winner, this time, will receive a 2011 YMV t-shirt.

Have fun.

What Am I Thinking?


*************** IN THE RUNNING **************

I’ve got a fully loaded diaper and I’m not afraid to use it!! ~Kate West

So we heard you were hungry.~D DeVries

Are you guys from the CDC? Because I have some questions about my diaper smells. ~Richard Judd

I see they called in the squat team. ~the wifey

“Well, if I wore pants I guess you could say I’ve been caught with my pants down.” ~Jan A.

****************** The Winner **********************

Great entries!

I’ve got a fully loaded diaper and I’m not afraid to use it!! ~Kate West

Congrats Kate, facebook me a private message with your mailing address and t-shirt size and I’ll send the prize!


8 thoughts on “CONTEST: WAIT Toddler

  1. Daddy? Which one of you is my dad? Nobody was there to take care of my diaper so I left it in his truck. He is probably going to want to take care of that.

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