Get Over Your Evangephobia!

Question: Why do you go on mission trips? Is evangelism a major in the equation or an occasional bi-product? Do you and your youth have evangephobia? I hope you’ll take steps toward sharing your faith, a free resource is being offered by Dare-2-Share on Tuesday, June 28 (described below).

I recently returned from a short-term mission with a Youthmark Mission Venture team to Costa Rica. In our short-history at Youthmark we have been blessed to have been in many rural setting in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. Last year we had a large team in Mexico, but this Costa Rica trip marked what I would say was our first true “international mission.”

We loved serving (and serving with) the Costa Rican people. However, our goal with Youthmark has never been to just serve, we long to see service and evangelism fit together like me and a Venti coffee! Well, God provided those opportunities in unique ways. Though a language barrier existed, the barrier for some of our students far-surpassed language. Though they were raised in the church, some had never shared their faith.  Praise God, this Costa Rican experience will, I hope, fuel their future of sharing Christ-crucified and Mission51 (the 51 weeks of the year beyond this mission) will take-off!

As you examine your ministry, your group or perhaps even your church; is there a heart for evangelism that is followed by feet ready to swiftly move so that hands can be used for service and mouths may be used for witness? This is, after all, our call! Jesus has left us here (on earth) to share his story!

My friends at Dare-2-Share are once again doing a one-hour webinar titled, “Evangephobia” on Tuesday, June 28 at Noon eastern, 9:00 AM pacific. I went through the first one and having been through many D2S events, this one-hour event is well worth your time.  Greg Stier will give you some very practical tools for your church, group and self!

I believe God has called us to “all nations” (including Costa Rica), however, our first calling (according to Scripture) is our “Jerusalem.” I believe every believer is called to reach our own neighborhood with the good news!  I hope you’ll consider checking out the webinar (go to and pre-register, it’s free) and even better, I pray that we’ll see our neighborhoods as our mission field!

Organizations like Youthmark, Dare2Share and a few others are making a concerted effort to see the Great Commission become the MAJOR focus for all churches (and believers for that matter). If you’ve got the phobia, get trained, get reliant and by the power of the Spirit, get going!



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