Debut: Feeling Friendly

Feeling Friendly!

I’ve started a new category!  Woo-hoo! Because weekends are often the time where I am not necessarily feeling the urge to do blogging and regular readership seems to ebb and flow (one weekend I’ll double my readership and the next it seems it is cut by two-thirds), I figured most of my “Feeling Friendly” posts would take place on the weekend.

Here’s the rules.  Essentially I am going to highlight some of my friends and how they may be able to influence you and your ministries.  Two things that I would ask in return:

1. If you’re a person/ministry that I highlight, I’d ask that you look for opportunities to push people toward this blog and/or Youthmark.

2. If you’re a reader, that you would seriously look at those I’m highlighting because I am going to be picky on who I highlight.  I really am going to believe in those that I list!

Today’s “Feeling Friendly” is a great one to start with.  David May is a friend of mine from a former church.  David sort of became my personal sound guy.  Weeks that I was preaching, had one of our youth teams leading worship and whenever we had our once-a-month merge service I wanted Dave to handle the ambiance (sound, lighting, staging, etc.).

He is an excellent sound-guy who works efficiently and effectively.  His business, Impulse Audio is the business I turn to for Youthmark needs.  If you’re a church, ministry or even a family looking for audio or visual changes, upgrades, assessments, etc. I can’t think of a better first call.  Here’s Dave’s February offer:

So its February and traditionally the slowest month of the year… so I want to give back to the community. Impulse Audio would like to donate 2 hours of labor to troubleshoot, repair, access or align any audio or video system in a scholastic or worship facility.

No strings attached at all. All that I ask is that you be flexible with my available hours and pass the word to others.
Dave May


How’s that for an offer?  It’s free!



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