Quick Notes and Updates

Every now and then it’s fun to do some quick thoughts and updates; things that may not warrant a full post; so here they are:

  • Youthmark now has a twitter account, follow us @Youthmark
  • Of course, you can also follow me @brianaaby
  • Updated my “speaking opps” page.  Praying for those opportunities and looking for others!
  • Really digging the College Group at Faith (teaching Sunday mornings).
  • Finishing the work on the 2011 RoadGrip, HomeBase and Merge!
  • This marks the earliest that these books have been completed (because we have offered spring break trips); this is a GREAT feeling (I feel “almost caught up”).
  • Halle is getting baptized this Sunday (this will get a post later), but we’re so excited by her step of faith!
  • Halle and Audrey are both in the church musical coming up; if interested in seeing a show, let me know!
  • Audrey lost her first “upper” tooth last night.  Very exciting, now she whistles while she speaks.
  • Will is about 44% potty trained.
  • Because of gracious friends, carry-over balance on cards from last year and being more creative in my “rent” I have literally only purchased one cup of coffee with 2011 funds. This is huge blessing!
  • If you haven’t seen my wife’s blog in some time, go check it out, she’s been posting more regularly.
  • Please pray this weekend for my friends at Dare 2 Share, they have a 500o person conference in Ohio!  Like Youthmark, they seek to equip students for THE Cause (what Youthmark labels “Mission51“).  Praise God for D2S!
  • Looking forward to debuting a new feature on my blog (perhaps even over the weekend…hmm…stay tuned).

Hope you have a Super-Weekend!



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