The 2010 final 100five50 Post

Back in May I invited others to join me in the 100five50 Challenge; I know of about a dozen others who commented, texted, facebooked, emailed me or told me in person that they would join in.  So, here we are, approximately 100 days after the start… how did you do?

I went back and re-read my post; one line that that stood out to me:

“So this year I start at about 220 and the goal this year is to get to and stay at about 200, but even this is just a loose goal, I just want to be in a good condition, regardless of the overall weight.

I really like that quote, not by way of justifying my weight, but because I was able to accomplish that goal!  I feel I am probably in the best condition of my adult life.  Even though I was about 216 on the scale this morning, I am convinced that I simply need to change some of my eating disciplines in order for a little more weight to come off (I’d like to get to about 210), because my exercise discipline is going really well.  I also wonder how much muscle weight I may have put on while losing some fat weight?  I biked very aggressively over the last month (which dramatically increased my appetite as well).

Okay, so here are the final results…

100 Days

Memorial Day Weight (start): 222

Labor Day Weight (finish): 216

Five Days Per Week of Exercise (30 minutes of cardio minimum)

I was able to do that 10 of the 15 weeks (several other weeks had 3 or 4 days, two weeks in July had zero… traveling)

Because I was traveling there were days I could only go on a long walk, but my overall bike riding took me approximately:

June: 118 miles

July: 129 miles (including two weeks at the beginning with zero rides)

August: 190 miles (wow, I really did get aggressive..)

437 total.

50% of my normal carbs

Here is where I did not do great.  I would guess that I cut carbs by about 25% overall… so, I know where I need to become more disciplined.

Ovearall, I feel great.  I look forward to not being overly conscientious about it right now, though it has become so much more my lifestyle and not a “diet.”  Maybe around Christmas I’ll create some other blitz month for anyone who wants to stay accountable to do together.

Thank you 100five5075, you’ve been good to me!



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