The Weekend Update

A couple days ago I posted my goals for the three day weekend, because not all got accomplished–and that is okay, since I was aiming to get 50% of them done– I will make this update my post for the day.  A new SMS should be written later today or early tomorrow.

I knew I wouldn’t get everything done, but did have quite the list of stuff I wanted to accomplish… throw in church, some family time, a little yard work and a bit of down time and the tasks did seem to grow larger.  Here were the goals and how I fared.

  • Finish the rough draft of the book,  Anywhere (Mission Prep Workbook for 2011)… NOT FINISHED, great progress, still needs a couple days.
  • De-summer the back yard (pack up kiddie pool, take down shade/shelter, etc)… FINISHED!
  • Finish the new office organizing… FINISHED (this one took way longer than I had hoped, but it feels great to have it done!
  • Clean Gutters… Didn’t even attempt.
  • Watch Husky Game… FINISHED, let’s just hope this was a blip on the radar.
  • Ride bike at least 2 out of the 3 days… FINISHED, rode on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Closet re-organizing (get rid of clothes I will no longer wear)… Didn’t even attempt.
  • Clean/organize the garage enough that my 4Runner can get re-acquainted with the indoor feeling… Sort of FINISHED?  I did the work, the problem is recycle doesn’t come until next week, so all the boxes that need to get broken down are actually what is preventing the 4Runner from going in.

So, when all is said and done, there were eight tasks listed, the goal was 50%.  I’ll give myself a solid 56% (4.5 out of 8), since the 4Runner is not actually in the garage yet.

You’re welcome, I know you were dying to know how I did.



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