It’s A Small World After All

On my way home from Spokane yesterday I received a text message from my best friend who lives near San Diego.

The text read: “Youthmark is everywhere” and my iPhone promptly displayed a picture  for me.


Jeramy and his family were hanging out near Oceanside for the afternoon when Jerusha (Jer’s wife) saw some folk wearing Youthmark Mission Venture shirts.  She began a conversation saying “our friend Brian Aaby is the founder of Youthmark.”

Jeramy quickly engaged another group of people wearing the shirts.  He said, “Do you know Brian Aaby”

“He goes to our church!”

Jeramy sent a second photo to me of Jenny, Tracey and Katie.

How cool that Jeramy and his family decided on Oceanside for a day trip.  How cool that the team heading to Mexico jumped off I-5 right then/there for a short break.  How cool is it that God wanted my friends to meet right then!

Praise the Lord!



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