The Launches!

My apologies for the lack of writing this week… I have much to write about, including some family medical stuff, some great vacation stuff and some fantastic Youthmark happenings!  But first…

I decided against my typical “numbered” picture for this launch.  Here’s why:

Wednesday morning actually began the series of Launches 3.0 – and following.  I was on vacation down in Southern California and drove from Camarillo to Santa Clarita with 230 copies of RoadGrip and Merge for the Converge NW teams traveling to Mexico for SERVE.  These churches combine every three years for a mission to Mexico.  Youthmark was honored to be a part of the process this year.  They are currently doing a three day launch at The Master’s College before they hit Mexico tomorrow.


I flew home Wednesday afternoon and by Wednesday evening was launching the Pulpit Rock Church of Colorado Springs on their City Serve YMV in Seattle.  We launched that team on Wednesday night to Thursday morning.


photoKirk Petersen flew to Juneau on Wednesday so that he could greet and launch East Boulder Baptist (Colorado) to Petersburg, AK.  They did their launch Thursday afternoon to Friday morning.EBoulder


I was driving to Spokane and am currently at the Pine and Sprague Starbucks in Spokane Valley waiting to launch 90 or so for their missions to Idaho and Montana.


OneSpotJuneauKirk is up in Juneau with three other churches doing their launch for three Southeast Alaska locations that most will Ferry to tomorrow morning!

All told… about 400 people are going out this week through Youthmark!  Praise God!


You are launching us through Prayer!  Right?



3 thoughts on “The Launches!

  1. May God be glorified and His name be spread. May those involved be blessed and kept safe. In Christ’s name, Amen.

  2. Brian that’s awesome! I know Wescott’s team was really well prepared thanks to your studies. That reminds me I need to be doing ‘Home Base’. Thankful God is blessing all your hard work.

  3. Brian, I am so excited for these teams! I am praying for y’all and I can’t wait to hear about the amazing things that God has in store during the coming week!

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