100five50 Update: RESTART PLEASE!!!

That’s right, I need to hit the reset button.  The last three weeks have been horrible for me along the lines of my disciplines, ad that is EXACTLY what this whole system I’ve created is.  If I am disciplined it works, without discipline it does not work at all.

Here we are on July 12; I just went back to my iCal where I keep track of my riding/exercise and read that the last time I rode a bike was on Sunday, June 27 in Phoenix.  Since then I have been in Phoenix, Colorado, LA and Spokane with just a couple days at home.  Being in those settings needing to eat at restaurants (PHX and Spokane), having an all-you-can-eat buffet thrown at me every meal (Colorado camp) and great food from my Mother-in-Law and In-N-Out (in CA) has not been a good thing.

So, here I am at 223 starting over on July 12.  This is not upsetting at all, just a great self-realization exercise.  I am committed to being disciplined in a much better way starting RIGHT NOW. Knowing I have similar schedule the rest of the summer with another camp and a family trip to Hawaii, I know that food temptations are going to be present, which is not a bad thing to partake in, it only becomes “bad” when I don’t take the time to exercise to match the intake.

I look forward to the second half of this challenge.

Heading home for an afternoon bike ride in just a few.

I would really appreciate the prayers for the second half of this challenge, looking forward to feeling great and dropping 13+ pounds!



One thought on “100five50 Update: RESTART PLEASE!!!

  1. Hey bro, know the feeling, it’s not about avoidance, its about making the wisest choice with what is in front of you. Take care buddy.

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