Tonto Basin and… (Scouting Part 4)

My friend Jeff Clabaugh from Pine Valley, CA joined us late Monday night in Phoenix.  After some catching up with our hosts, JP and Andrea, we crashed for the night.  On Tuesday morning we made our way to Tonto Basin to begin the relationship between Pine Valley and Tonto Basin.  PV will be serving TB. Quick side-note, Pine Valley is a place I served a few years ago with a team from Boulevard, fast forward a couple years, it is such a blessing to have them as a sending team now!

I greatly enjoyed the drive up to Tonto Basin, I rode with Jeff, which gave us a couple hours to catch up and help get him further down the path of leading a Youthmark Mission Venture.  I am sure Buzz enjoyed some down-time to himself as well as he drove our rental.

Robert and Stephanie who Pastor the flock in Tonto Basin were gracious hosts to us for the few hours we spent with them.  They had just returned from being gone five weeks for the adoption of their first daughter!  It was great to be among the first to welcome them back home with their little one.

We left Jeff behind to continue to meet in Tonto Basin and Buzz and I drove north on our way to Page, knowing that we needed at least one more place on top of hoping Page would be a land.  On our way up I knew there could be a place or two that we’d randomly drive though that could be a fit.

As the side-of-the-road signs announce the number of miles until Flagstaff I noticed a second town name on one of the signs.  Pine, Arizona quickly approached and I wondered what kind of town we’d find.  As we drove through there was not a noticable church by the side of the road, if I were to stop we’d probably have to ask someone… so I decided to probably not stop.

As we approached the north end of town I saw the school and decided to at least make t the left and see if a church lay back around the school (they often do in rural communities).  Nope, no luck.  As we turned around, however, the public library was in sight and I decided to go ahead and be bold and ask the librarian about a church.
We parked and I never did make it to the Librarian….

To be continued….




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