Pine and Page (Scouting Part 5)

I had every intent of asking the librarian about the local churches, however as I approached the sidewalk toward the front door of the library, a red sedan pulled in and blocked the walkway.  As the driver got ouf of the car to return his borrowed dvd’s he noticed he had blocked our walk… He quickly apologized.
I never did make it into the library, the 45 minutes, or so, we spent with Brandon in the front of the library were God ordained.  As I asked him about the churches in the community his face lit up.  Brandon was three years into his walk with Christ.  He was saved from a very tough life, one filled with the lusts of the world.  A father-out-of-wedlock and a six year addition to Meth, he had been clean now for three years and is just about to gain back custody of his children he loves so dearly!
Brandon gave us the contacts we needed and we set up appointments with the pastors in Pine who we’d be able to meet the next day on our -out of the way- way back home.
As we left Pine, we stood (well, sat) astonished by the Lord.  He had everything under control.  He had us leave Tonto Basin at just the right time.  He had me not stop at the grocery store, instead see a school which prompted me to turn.  He had timed Brandon’s drive perfectly so that we could have that meeting at that time at that place so that this summer, ultimately, teens (and others) in Pine can hear about Christ.
How cool is that?
Praise God!
Off from Pine, we were now to praise God for all of His creation we’d get to see in the diverse beauty of the state of Arizona as we drove to Page.
More later….

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