Let’s Watch Him Work!!!

I’m going to trust Jesus.  Will you join me?

This last week was one of huge blessings and answered prayer.  In the last week, I believe, we have had six or seven of our “question marks” in terms of places we will be sending mission teams this summer become “confirmed” places.

Here is the specific request:  We still have three invitations out there to places that we are hoping praying and trusting the Lord for.  Will you join us?

Pray for the town in Alaska that we’ve had great discussions with, but has yet to give us the “all clear.”

Pray for the two towns in Montana that we feel would each be a fantastic fit for the two different teams we have headed that direction.

Pray for the city-venture team to Seattle and the invite for the host church we believe would be a great connection.

These four places to match the four trained teams.  God, you know what needs to happen.  We trust.

Are you praying?



2 thoughts on “Let’s Watch Him Work!!!

  1. I’m praying with you and our team gets together tomorrow so we will be praying coorporately, as well! May God orchestrate the details and open and shut doors according to His will!

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