Boulder and Dare2Share (Scouting Part 3)

Sunday night we arrived in Boulder just at the tail end of a Seder Meal the church was conducting.  It was nice to arrive and see so many people (100+) enjoying a time of fellowship and teaching.  Knowing that the meal had lasted over two-and-a-half hours Buzz and I knew we needed to keep our time with the mission team short. Not everyone from the East Boulder Baptist team was able to make the short gathering, but it was a lot of fun.  This group is pretty excited to head north to Alaska.  Over the last few months I have formed a friendship with the Youth Pastor, Tom Coffan.  Tom has served at this church for 19 years, and has nearly 4 decades of Youth Ministry experience!  It’s an honor to have him on board.

Buzz and I enjoyed some great downtime on Sunday night (late) and Monday morning, enjoying a couple meals and debriefing everything that had taken place thus far.

On Monday we arrived for a scheduled meeting at Dare2Share.  There we met with Jason Lamb and Debbie Bresina.  Great folk.  Debbie is the Executive VP and Jason is in charge of a bunch of stuff.  This was really a “get to know you” meeting where both organizations are interested in what the other is doing.  We are VERY united in our passion to see students equipped to share the Good News!  I firmly believe that this was just the beginning of the conversation!  It was fun to have Buzz learn so much more about Youth Ministry.  He got to meet Greg Stier, the President of D2S and then later in the day meet my friend Mike Gaines, a former D2S staffer who is now the main Youth Guy for the Colorado Baptist Convention.

Monday was refreshing to me, because it was more about discussions than convincing. After D2S, lunch and a coffee with Mike Gaines we were off to the airport for our flight to Phoenix…



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