Top Five Tuesday: Late-Night Bits

Time is not my best friend right now, but do want to stay consistent for those of you who check in on Tuesdays to see the ol’ top 5.

Here is a quick one… my top 5 little bits that take place on Late-Night TV right now.  The criteria for this one, it has to be now, current and on one of the late-night talk shows.  Sorry Conan, can’t give you props right now, though you’d have one or two if NBC hadn’t messed that one up!

Without further ado, the list.

Five: Rupert G. Any bit with David Letterman and his Deli-buddy Rupert makes me laugh.

Four: Jaywalking. I don’t really like Jay Leno that much, but every now and then I’ll see his bit on the street and see him interview people who just don’t know much.  It makes me laugh.

Three: Top Ten. The Letterman classic is still in the top five for me.  Way to go Dave!  Not all of them are great, but I have a new sense of appreciation… I have a hard enough time coming up with a top 5 list once a week, c’mon they do something funny every night!

Two: This Week in Unnecessary Censorship. Jimmy Kimmel Live has found his little niche in my late-night channel surfing, if I’m still awake.  This bit is sometimes over the line, but usually will have me laughing out loud a couple times.  Especially when he throws in something from a cartoon or Sesame Street.

One:  Thank You Cards.  Jimmy Fallon was so awkward when his Late-Night show started, however, he has found his groove and on Friday evenings he does his “Thank You Cards” for the week.  Absolutely creative and funny!

I am quite sure I am missing something here, let me know what bits are the best and perhaps I can check ’em out!




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