On our behalf…

A couple weeks ago I was feeling the big-burden of wondering what God had in store for us in terms of the connections between our Sending and Receiving communities.  The biggest prayer request that I had was for Alaska and the connections we needed to secure.  Well, almost immediately we saw the Lord answer and open up doors.

As you read below, I’d love to know if you’ll take one of these specific areas and start praying for that specific one ALL Week!  I know HE wants to answer, I want to be sure we’re covering each one!  Please comment!

As we begin to turn the corner and start our Spring Retreats very soon, I would ask that we unite in prayer once again in the finalization of our connections between sending and receiving.  Specifics you can pray for…

  • Alaska: Four teams going to AK this summer and we have one locked-in, the other three are all solid leads, but the leadership in these receiving communities have important meetings this week.  Pray that the Lord opens those hearts/minds to understand the partnership that can be!
  • Canada: We have one team training to serve in inner-city Vancouver.  We have a great lead here, but nothing is set in stone yet, please pray that the most current email communication is clear to that receiving church and that they see it as a fantastic opportunity to partner.
  • Arizona: We have two churches meeting with their boards this week.  Pray that the miracle continues in Page, this one is quite the story!  I’ll post about that in my series I am writing right now!  Pray that both Pine and Page are a connection as Tonto Basin is already!
  • Montana: We are praying the Lord finalizes three more connections (all of which have good contacts, we just need the final “yay”).
  • Idaho: Still waiting on one last “go.”  Just got an email this morning from the Pastor we are pursuing as the hopeful place to go!
  • Washington: We have an inner-city team I am beginning to do the groundwork on.  Pray that my connections for this trip work out and we have a great receiving church to work with as we put together the day-in-day-out stuff!
  • Oregon: We are still placing one more team for a late summer trip.  In fact, there is still one more team considering going on this trip too, so pray for God’s will to be done and the right folk to go to the right place!  He knows!
  • Praise for the Connections: Please praise the Lord for the already solid connections we have in Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Alaska, Mexico and Idaho.  We have more solid connections than not!  Praise God for these partnerships and pray that as the sending/receiving leadership start planning together that their bonds grow!

Now, as you read the above, I’d love to know if you’ll take one of these specific areas and start praying for that specific one ALL Week (every day, whenever the Lord brings this to mind)! Let me know which one(s) you are committed to for the week.  I’ll update you after the week!  Leave a comment letting me know.




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