Top Five Tuesday: My Current iPhone Apps

An obvious category that I have not yet posted about would be the Apps on my iPhone.  I kind of had this one in the reserves for a Tuesday when nothing else was popping to mind.

Let me first state, I love my Lord, I love my wife, kids and extended family. I love my friends and I love the Lost (those whom have not placed their faith in Christ… yet).  Somewhere in the middle of the list falls my iPhone as well.

So, the criteria for today, I can only choose the apps I currently have on my iPhone, and my hope is that this list actually causes some folk to comment me some suggestions for new apps as well!

Without further ado, the list…

Honorable Mentions: Zippo Lighter, Paper Toss, SportsCenter, Mars Hill, Holy Bible, Flixster and The VIP Card.

Five: Dragon. I get pretty ticked seeing people on the roads on their cell phones and texting, well, Dragon is the cure.  This is a voice dictation app that allows me to text by voice.  Keeping my hands free.  The fun part, it’s not always right, so some of the things it hears compared to what I actually said give me some comic relief!

Four: Hearts. What can I say, I love me some hearts.  The nice thing with this game compared to the old Windows hearts game on a PC… these computer players don’t let you shoot the moon on every hand.

Three: Facebook. Who isn’t on FB?  Seriously, whether you’re waiting in the doctors office and need a cure for boredom or if you’re needing to get in touch with a friend but don’t have a cell # or email for them on you, FB will hook you up!

Two: Camera. I realize that most phones have cameras now, but not all have video cameras.  The ease of taking a video and/or photo and quickly emailing it is pretty amazing.  The quality continues to improve on both of these cameras, and as long as you’re pretty close to the action, the pics turn out pretty nice!

One: Maps! See ya later Dog, you have been replaced as “man’s best friend.”  Your nose could never point me in the right direction as often as the Maps App on the iPhone has.  Seriously, you don’t even need to know the address of the place you’re headed, I can simply put the name of the place (i.e. “Red Robin”) and this app will give me turn by turn directions!  I cannot imagine doing a YMV Scout trip w/o my iPhone (thought the AT&T service area needs to improve, or Verizon needs to land the next contract with Apple).

Alright, give me some great ones.  I have yet to pay for an App, so that may tell you what kind of App I am looking for!



5 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: My Current iPhone Apps

  1. Tuner application. You’ll always have a guitar ready to go! Plus, when people around you are talking, it’s fun to watch the little thing wave around and tell you the pitches. 🙂

  2. ooh, and there’s a nighttime sky one that shows you what stars you’re looking at no matter where you point it (including the other side of the world when you point it down). How awesome!

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