What is Your Cause?

Years ago a Southern California Pastor released a couple of books that caused millions to ponder the question of purpose…

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your life is?  I have asked that question for myself.  And I know.

As a person who has placed my faith in Jesus (through His grace alone), I KNOW the Lord has left me here with purpose, with a cause, in fact, with THE Cause.

He tells me in Acts 1:8, “You will be my witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost…” He says in Matthew 28:19-20, “makes disciples…”

THE Cause is the rebranding of the 300+ year old name, “Great Commission” which in actuality is about a 2000 year-old command that Jesus Himself gave us.

This morning I gathered with eight Youth Pastors at a local coffee shop and I heard each of these Pastors share about their students who are now pumped about living out THE Cause.  Many re-introduced to this call at Dare 2 Share.  They relayed stories of students departing church on Sunday with the purpose of sharing the Grace of God with friends and strangers in their neighborhoods.  They told stories of students not just talking about it, but doing it.

The question to the Youth Pastors (and Youth Leaders/Parents):  Will you?

We want our students to live & share THE Cause, but as parents, leaders and Youth Pastors, are we?

I am committed to consumed by/for THE Cause.  It is my life… may my words, thoughts and actions reflect THAT Cause.

Youthmark is passionate for consumed by/for THE Cause.  It is our purpose!  May students/leaders/parents be trained for the 51 weeks of life outside the mission trip!  May we be about missionship (a missionary always, all ways a missionary)!

This isn’t about Youthmark.  It’s not about Dare 2 Share. It’s not about me/you. It’s about redemption, calling and purpose–it’s all about Jesus.

A note to those who don’t know know/think they have a relationship with Jesus: The Lord created you to be in relationship with Him.  Because you (and I, and everyone) has sinned, we have broken that relationship; you and I have turned our back on the God who loves us passionately.  Because He loves so passionately He sent His perfect Son, Jesus, to be our living sacrifice, a payment for our sin through His death on the cross–so that we may, once again, be in relationship with the Lord. This FREE and UNMERITED gift from the Lord came in Jesus’ death and resurrection.  We now may have life eternally with Him (starting now)!  If you have never placed your faith in Him, it would be my honor to help you to understand how you can do that.  Please email me at brian{at}youthmark{dot}com.

Let’s live/and speak out THE Cause!




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