Whirlwind Days

Quick highlights of the last few days… with the promise of some in-depth reporting on a few of these in the days ahead.

Montana Sunrise on Wednesday

Tuesday & Wednesday: YMV Scout trip for our teams headed to Montana this summer.  I drove to Spokane, picked up Kirk Petersen at midnight on Monday, we were in Missoula by late morning Tuesday and scouted about 10 communities covering several hundred miles in two days.  I was home and in bed by about midnight on Wednesday.  CRAZY.

Greg Stier

Thursday: Kent/Renton Network meeting; meeting with a potential YMV team for this summer and then up to Seattle to meet with Greg Stier, the President of Dare 2 Share Ministries.  It was an honor to grab coffee with a guy and ministry I respect a lot.  After the coffee I quickly met with Frankie Santana (former student, current worship team drummer for Youthmark and also helping me with a special project). Then I got some down time with the family and cuddle time on the couch with my bride catching up on a few DVR’d shows.

Friday and Saturday: Coffee with Carlos Huizar, a friend and Youth Pastor in West Seattle, lunch with Nathan &Megan Schlaud (YP & Wife from West Seattle), picked up Jason Lamb (Dare 2 Share friend) and delivered him from airport to the Key Arena and then back home for a couple hours.  At home I met with Philip Kim (YP from Federal Way) and then I went back up to Seattle for Dare 2 Share.  There on both Friday night and Saturday for most of the day I was helping with a few things behind the scenes (for both D2S and Chris Renzelman/interlinc) and hanging out with a bunch of Youth.  Very excited about THE Cause (more on that later, for sure).

Now I rest at home thinking of the weeks ahead that include prep for our Spring Retreats, scouting for missions, completion of study guides and much, much more.  For now… I rest.



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