Friends In These Places?

If you have friends in the great Dallas, Houston, LA, San Diego, Portland and Seattle areas, this post is very much for you!  Let the post begin…

I love my job.

Years ago I discovered that I have a bit of an entrepreneurial bent.  I like thinking about the risk/reward side of things.

As I walked into Starbucks this afternoon I quickly discovered the re-arrangement of the furniture, and surmised the reasons as to why they made the change.  In talking to the Barista I was confirmed in my thinking.  Much of the decision was based on streamlining the customer experience; from walking into the store, to seeing the merchandise to being ushered out the door (quickly) so that you come back often, but don’t stay too long–it’s all been considered.  Brilliant on their part.  I buck the trend though (I’ll stay for several hours).

I like thinking like a businessman.  But I also love thinking like a Pastor.  A great mix for me at Youthmark.

As Youthmark is expanding beyond the King/Snohomish and Pierce County boundaries, I am trying my hand at marketing.  One discovery I have made is that word-of-mouth advertising is by far the best form of advertising.  For instance, last week in Colorado and the YMV preview lunches; though I sent out mailings, we made phone calls and I personally sent over 150 emails, I had just a handful of people show up who were not connected to either me or one of my close friends in the area.

So, with that knowledge, I am trying a bit of a different tactic for the last six youth leader meals Youthmark is offering to preview the 2010 Youthmark Mission Venture materials and trips.  Soliciting help!  Specifically, soliciting help from you!

I hope you think like I do: Teens in the U.S. can/should be the best missionaries we have!  Let’s train them to reach their own campus, club and community.  If this is something you believe, perhaps you can partner with Youthmark in a new and creative way!

If you have friends in any of the below listed metro areas, I would greatly appreciate your w0rd-of-mouth (and/or email, text or call) advertisement to get friends and acquaintances to the meals.  Specifically we are targeting the Youth Pastors (and/or Pastors if they make the decisions for the Student Ministry).  If you could point people to the registry at I’d greatly appreciate it.  Of course they can click here to get all the info about YMV’s as well. Here are the dates and times for the meals:

NorthSanDiegoLunchGreater San Diego Area:  San Marcos Old Spaghetti Factory, Wednesday, October 28, Noon.

Greater North Los Angeles Area: Valencia Marie Calendars, Thurday, Oct. 29, 10:00 AM Brunch.

Greater North Houston Area: Spring TX, Stracks Restaurant, Wednesday, Nov. 4, Noon.

YMVPreviewMealGreater North Dallas Area: Buca Di Beppos, Thursday, Nov. 5, Noon.

Seattle: Southcenter (Tukwila) Old Spaghetti Factory, Thursday, Nov. 19, Noon.

Portland: Old Spaghetti Factory (on the River), Old Spaghetti Factory, Thursday, Dec. 4, Noon.

If you are interested in more information or would like to send a specific invite complete with a pdf of the postcard, don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll get you the graphics for this.

So, what do you say?  Can you share the love?  Your prayers and your practical help is so appreciated!  Let me know (comment) if you plan to send off an invite!



2 thoughts on “Friends In These Places?

  1. Hi Brian!
    I passed on the info to a friend in San Diego, who said she has some friends who might be interested. Hope it goes well!

  2. Brian – talk to Nick about inviting folks to come to this as the Seattle Network lunch option for Nov. ??
    Just a thought. 🙂

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