Top Five Tuesday: Holiday Season Favorites

We’re just about a month away from the “Holiday Season.”  Of course the retail industry would have us believe we are already in the midst of the holiday season (Labor Day to Valentines Day is what I think “they” believe is the Holiday Season).  My criteria is Thanksgiving through New Years Day.

For today’s top five, I thought I’d take a look at my top five traditions/happenings that take place during the season.  These are things that perhaps reflect upon my upbringing and /or are things we do as an immediate family.

So, without further ado… the list:

imagesFive: The new spiritual experiences with my kids.  Each year this one will probably move up the charts.  We do Advent together as a family.  Complete with our own lighting of the candles, Bible reading and discussion time.  Each year the conversations grow deeper and sometimes sillier (I can’t wait for some of the basic questions Will will provide next year).  Doing church on Christmas eve provides sweet memories and reading the Christmas Story of Luke 2 will continue to guide our focus!

images-1Four: Increased board game times! I love board/dice/card games.  For whatever reason they just don’t happen a lot outside of the holidays.  My memory is filled with RISK, Monopoly and Clue (Master Detective, of course) games played during the holidays.  Each year I get together with 25-40 other guys for a couple big hearts tournaments during the holidays as well.  Can’t wait to play some more games this year!

Three: Reunions.  I love the impromptu and planned reunions we get to have around the holidays.  Having had two discipleship groups that I shepherded for a number of years I love the holidays as a time to get together, whether as a group or just with the individuals.  Not only do I have these times with guys I have discipled, but also with old high school or college friends.  The holidays are a breeding ground for some sweet reunions.

Two: Thanksgiving.  Because there is so much wrapped up in the entire day, from Turkey to football, from time with family to time taking naps.  I love it all.  I think Thanksgiving may just be my favorite holiday of them all (hmmm, perhaps another top 5 list later).

images-2One: Christmas Morning Routine for my Immediate Family.  I loved the tradition I had with my family growing up; I believe Elisabeth would say the same for her family as well.  However, we have OUR OWN new tradition in our family.  We start with the stockings, the kids really look forward to the stockings, however, I think Mommy and Daddy enjoy the fun gifts we give in the stockings just as much as they do opening them.  After stockings it’s time to get dressed (somewhat nice) to go up to 67, one of our favorite breakfast places.  That’s right, we go out for Breakfast on Christmas!  After a long and enjoyable breakfast we come home to let the kids open their gifts!  So fun!

GRAND CHAMPION: JESUS. Because Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are the trio-of-holidays that make up “The Holidays” I can’t help but think of the relationship I have with God the Father and God the Spirit through God the Son!  He is the reason for a New Year (as in, he is the reason we have the calendar we use).  He is the reason for our ultimate Thanksgiving (for eternal life in Him) and He is THE REASON for Christmas.  Thank you Jesus!

I love Jesus and I love the Holidays as a consistent reminder of His grace shown to me!

So, what are some of your favorite Holiday Season Favorites?



2 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Holiday Season Favorites

  1. What’s the “Master Detective” version of Clue? Never heard of it… I LOVED Clue growing up, so I’m thinking I might like it…and it’s a game I might have a shot at beating Billy at! (I’ve only beat him in 1 board game ever, to my rememberance.)

  2. i agree. i still think when i got to sit in on one of the holiday aaby times with the girls is one of the greatest things ever.

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