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One new look wasn’t enough, I thought I’d try one other new thing (sort of)…

Last week I began an 8-city mini-tour to promote Youthmark Mission Ventures.  As part of the leader lunch I preview the YMV materials for the 2010 season.  The end-goal is to have Youth Leaders see and understand that what we are offering through Youthmark is much more than a mission trip.

My passion is to see students (and all of us for that matter) reproduce ourself on our own campus, in our own clubs and in our communities.  The idea of going outside of our own home context should be an extension of what we’re already doing in our own home-town. So, the idea of a mission trip comes out of our passion for missionship (to be a missionary at all times).

Last spring, as part of our 2009 training I debuted an idea I had, the FOF Challenge. Because I firmly believe that Christians need to be witnesses wherever/whenever, I challenged the participants to do it online as well. This was HIGHLY successful and I still am receiving emails and Facebook messages talking about the relational conversations students (and leaders) have had as a result of the FOF Challenge.

As part of our Youth Leader Lunch and preview I share about the practical things we do to prepare/train students “for a life of mission,” so, this last week and in six other cities, I will train Youth Leaders in how to use the FOF Challenge in their youth groups (and hopefully their own lives).

If you are on Facebook, I challenge you to take the FOF Challenge as well. If you’re not on Facebook, I bet a lot of your non-believe friends are, so get on and get going!

And here is what’s new:

The FOF Challenge has its own website and blog.  So, rather than me explaining it here, go to the website, check it out, read about it and then do the challenge!  I want to hear your stories, I want to pray for those you’re sharing with.

Check out

So, what would it look like for you?… it’s mid-October, what if you took the challenge between now and Thanksgiving?  Or perhaps you want to study up on some Scritptures and you want to do the challenge for all of November?  How about between Thanksgiving and the New Year?  Set a time and take the challenge; maybe, just maybe we’ll see new brothers and sisters come to faith in Christ!



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