Top Five Tuesday: Disciplines in my life

Here is a first for me, posting from my iPhone! Fun stuff!

Today the top 5 will take you to a rediscovered passion in my life… Discipline! I am really trying to lead a disciplined life in several areas right now, and this is the current list of my top disciplines I’m passionate about.

Without further ado… the list.

Five: Not using the iPhone while driving. Though I answer or place calls (using hands free of course), I am doing my best to not look at alerts (texts, emails, etc.) and especially not send them. With the average age of kids getting phones being younger and younger, I can’t help but think that we are going to see an increase in the number of accidents due to texting (since most teens use text as their primary form of communication). So, I am going to do my part to avoid the temptation to look while driving! Join in please!

Four: Driving my kids to school as much as possible! Because I do have to travel from time-to-time I want to take advantage of the times I am home by getting the individual time in the car with Halle and Audrey. Right now I take Halle to school most days and do my best to get Audrey to and from school several days during the week. This helps me establish some regular “office” hours as well!

Three: Scripture Reading. Now, for those who want me to be super spiritual you’re wondering why this isn’t #1? Well, I love the Word, it isn’t a struggle for me to be in the Word, and to be quite honest this simply doesn’t take as much discipline as some of the others!

Two: Bike Riding (coupled with eating right). I do my best to get out on my bike 4-6 times per week. If I don’t get my 11.5 mile ride in at least 3 times a week I get a little cranky. It’s not that I love riding (though I like it), I love the feeling of being in shape and feeling healthy!

One: Personalized, passionate and disciplined prayer! I need to be more disciplined in this area. I want to see myself as reliant and respond accordingly. I have a love for the lost, I want to show that by how much I pray for the lost! I have a passion for Youthmark, I want that passion to turn to prayer. I love my family, I want to thank the Lord more for the family through my prayer life.

So, what disciplines are you working on? Any of mine strike you?




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