Youthmark Prayer Requests

It’s been awhile since I listed some specific things to be praying for for Youthmark.

I hope you’ll bring these things to Jesus on our behalf!  Thanks!

Pray for the Youth Leaders lunches.  I get to preview the training materials and the three different missions packages we are offering.  My prayer is that Youth Leaders see the passion I/we have for our own Jerusalem and see this as a practical way to train students to reach out at home! Leader lunches remain in the San Diego area, North LA area, Houston, Dallas, Seattle and Portland.

Pray for the development of all the written materials for 2010.  Including the Mission Prep Workbook, RoadGrip, HomeBase, Merge and the Leaders Guides.

Pray for the FOF.  I’ll post more about this tomorrow or over the weekend, but I have a somewhat major announcement along these lines and I really believe God’s work through online witness is just beginning!  I think the FOF Challenge is going to be used in a mighty way!

Pray for Kirk Petersen. He is representing Youthmark in Oregon and doing a fantastic job!  Pray that he finds balance in his work with Youthmark and Alpha Ministries!

I am so thankful for what has happened thus far with Youthmark and I hope you’re praising God with me for the work He is doing!



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