To Do Today

Sorry, been completely swamped the last few days, good things, just swamped.  So I present todays “To Do:”

Morning meeting at my house with a new friend, talking “relationships”… Check

Starbucks meeting with a Youth Pastor… Check (I showed, he didn’t, got caught in a meeting, he’s excused)

Lunch at home and take Audrey to school… Check

Meeting with Ben Buckley at different Starbucks… Check

Send 100 emails to Youth Pastors in Colorado Springs… Check (only another 100 to go).

Stop By Faith to ask Aaron a question… Check (he was busy, but did call me later, while on my ride and I asked question then)

Pick up Audrey from school… Check

Bike Ride 11.5 miles, then shower (that second part was very important)… Check

Text my Young Life guys… Check

Post on my Blog… CHECK!

After Young Life tonight I have more of a to do list, but that’ll do for now.

Thanks for checking in on my day, whether you wanted to or not:  Check!



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