Weekend Highlights

Even though I woke up Thursday morning with a bit of a sore throat that would later turn in to more of a real sore throat, I wouldn’t let that ruin the weekend. It was a great weekend at the Aaby home.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Friday: Did some good prep work for the EXPOSED conference (btw, today is the deadline for early bird pricing). I had a great interview with a police officer who goes undercover online through MySpace and Facebook (I’ll talk about this at the conference). Took Halle to her soccer practice and Elisabeth and I caught up on a few shows we had on our DVR (we love the Amazing Race).

Saturday: Elisabeth did a few consignment sales as I spent the morning with the kids at home.  Then we did a family outing to Chipotle for lunch and then off to Halle’s Soccer game (where we discovered Will is a natural).  I multi-tasked and got some Youthmark postcards prepped for delivery (I’ll post about this mailing soon).  We got home in time to watch the UW/ND refs give the game back to Notre Dame.  Halle made her biking debut on the Soos Creek trail, she and I rode a little over 2 miles (which I was giddy to do because I hadn’t ridden in a couple days because of my sore throat). On Saturday night we were able to watch the second half of the Amazing Race premier from the previous week.

Sunday: The moment we’ve been waiting for for many, many months (but nearly as long as the long-term members of Faith Baptist). “A New Day At Faith” began yesterday.  The new Lead Pastor was installed at Faith.  I look forward to seeing what happens at Faith and the way God uses the leadership team with a new team member.  The morning was very festive, complete with donuts and coffee prior to the service (because people were arriving early for the “all church” service), extended time of worship through song (started 15 minutes prior to the service), a message from the heart from Pastor John (did some foundational vision casting, which very much included the idea of “change” so that we’re reaching the next generation) and a lunch in the courtyard after (which was fun for us to catch up with some friends who are checking out Faith).

After Church I was able to get back on my bike for my real ride around the Lake Youngs Reservoir (about 12 miles) and then another ride with Halle on the Soos Creek Trail.  We made a great connection with a neighbor (this has been a REAL answer to prayer, I have a burden to get to know our neighborhood). In the evening I started the major re-shifting to create an office space for Youthmark at our house.  Though I don’t really “office” at home, the piles were starting to add up and we found ourselves in need of some office space so that the piles have a place to be organized!

As I reflect is was a fairly uneventful weekend (there wasn’t any “major” event), but it was a weekend that I cherished!  Praising God for time with my family and the tasks we were able to complete!



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