You Could Help!

Next Saturday, October 10, 2009 I will speaking at an event entitled, EXPOSED. You might be able to help me with some of the content for this seminar geared toward helping parents, teachers and even teens become more knowledgeable about Teens & Tech.

So, if you are a teen or young adult who is pretty savvy on the net, please consider a way you might be able to help and contact me at my email (brian at youthmark dot com).

There are three ways that jump out at me as ways you may be able to contribute before, during and after the event.

  1. Written testimonies (things you have encountered or know about on the net, texts, gaming, etc.) that would help others become more knowledgeable in thesse areas.  These can be positives and negatives.
  2. You may be willing to be part of a small panel, for a Q&A time during the seminar.
  3. You may be willing to shoot a video testimony of things you have encountered (we’d do this Tuesday or Wednesday somewhere in the Valley to make it do able for anyone in the greater Seattle area, but specifically all of us on the south end).

Some of the things that could prime-the-pump to get your thoughts moving…

What do adults not know about the Internet and Technology that they should know?

What would your social life look like without the Internet or your cell?

These stories should be specific to any of the following:

Email, Instant Messaging, Gaming, Live Chats, Facebook, MySpace, Texting/Sexting, blogs, online predators/stalking, Internet Bullying & Harassment, etc.

If you are interested in helping please do let me know (I’d prefer you respond via email).  The main seminar is from 1:00-4:00 PM next Saturday, however there is training seminar for the Family Academy teachers from 10:00 to Noon, so there are options for two different times to help.

If nothing else, could I solicit your prayers for this event and to help those in need gain exposure in these areas?



2 thoughts on “You Could Help!

  1. Hey Brian,

    I may not be on your side of the state any more but I’m more than willing to help out anyway I can. One of the biggest things most parents don’t know about is the whole “private browsing” feature now built in to most web browsers. It is the easiest way for teens to hide things from their parents such as browsing history and what not. I’ve got more so let me know.

    Michael Sewell

  2. Brian,

    I’d love to help if I can, though I know the ways are limited what with me being in Arizona and all 😛 Holler if there’s anything I can do though.

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