Top 5 Tuesday: Commercial Plot Lines

As I sat down this morning to write out my top 5 list for the Top Five Tuesday series my brain was dead.  Writers block remained and I got to work on many of the other tasks that were far less important than the much anticipated Top 5 (I kid, of course).

About 20 minutes ago it hit me:  Commercials!

With Tivo and DVR’s we’re able to fast forward most the commercials on TV, so my criteria for today’s Top 5: What are the top commercials that I’ll stop the fast forward to actually watch? I added a criteria as well, I chose only commercials that are part of a series, an ad campaign, not just a single commercial.

Without Further Ado:  The List

images-4Five: Fave 5, Tmobile, starring Charles Barkley and D. Wade. I debated putting in a whole category of “adult beverages” at the number five slot, because, c’mon, some of those commercials are just very funny.  However, I am happy to keep it cleaner and let Tmobile take to spot here.  I’m a basketball fan, so I understand this one isn’t going to be everybody’s favorite, but I find them pretty funny and they make the top 5 on the strength of some pretty clever wise-cracks.

images-3Four: This Is Sportscenter.  These have been on for years now, and I’d say that 90% of them are absolutely hilarious.  The 10% that aren’t funny are the reason for the series making their debut at #4 and not higher on the list; some of them are just not good. Good work ESPN!

images-2Three: Even a Caveman Can Do It. Never watched the show, these guys were only meant to be seen in a 30 second spot!  Love ’em.  I have no idea why Geico does the stupid “stack of bills with glasses” thing.  Even the Gecko ad-line is not very good.  But they hit a homerun with the Cavemen.  Clever, witty and makes me want to go give the cavemen and cave-hug!

images-1Two: Jack.  Though a few of the commercials push the envelope, you rarely can go wrong with a Jack In The Box commercial, at least the ones that star “Jack.”  I just love the facial expressions and his dead-pan voice.  My kids (okay, really my wife), really love a recent one (pictured) where the woman ends by saying “Street Rad Crazy.”  The commercials are typically totally unpredictable; hilarious stuff.

imagesOne: Mac vs. PC.  No question, hands down the best advertising series out there.  Even if I have seen the commercials before I stop and watch them again.  Brilliant ad campaign because the people at Mac capitalized on the nebulous “PC” brand (which there is not a company called PC).  So, in order to counter the campaign one of the PC companies would have to step up the plate to take on Mac head-to-head, and in so doing would be advertising for all PC’s.  And, if Microsoft were to go directly after Mac, that would be stupid as well, since Microsoft designs some software for Mac (and with the Apple market continuing to grow, you don’t want to tick off the powers that be there, because soon they may be the ones paying the bills for you).  Obviously, I am a Mac-vangelist, but even some of my PC acquaintances (can I call them friends?… I kid again, of course) tell me, “I love these commercials.”

Perhaps next week (or soon) I’ll do the top 5 Mac vs. PC commercials!  That’d be a fun list.

So, what are some of the commercials I am missing?  Which ones do you agree with?  Where was I wrong?  Back it up!



One thought on “Top 5 Tuesday: Commercial Plot Lines

  1. Solid list. Though I’m shocked and possibly somewhat dismayed by the Geico cavemen making the list. I had no idea.

    And perhaps this list is more a “national ad campaign” kind of list, but if not, I would most definitely include the Mariners commercials in the top five. Even a caveman would agree.

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