CONTEST: What Am I Thinking?

Yep, it’s time for another WAIT!  Best caption for what these folks are thinking wins the prize.  Be sure to name the person (or character) is doing the thinking and then what they are thinking.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner… okay, that’s what it will be, if you’re live and local you’ll be invited over for some grilled chicken, sounds good.

I’ll take the thoughts for the next day or so, update those that I think are in contention and post the winner below!  Enjoy this one, Elisabeth snapped it last week at Disneyland.  Just post under “comments” (click above) and if it doesn’t post right away, no worries, I just have to approve it first if you haven’t commented in some time (or ever).



What Am I Thinking?

What Am I Thinking?



Eeyore: I guess that guy was right… an eeyore ride would be useless… *sigh*

Brad (even though he’s slamming me… and dead wrong I might add):

“Man, nothing’s going my way. I really wish Youthmark would take off, so I don’t have to have this 2nd job anymore.”

Alon (should have just kept it with Eeyore):

Eeyore is thinking: “I hate it when I fart in this suit with the head on!”

The Wifey:

“‘Happiest place on earth’ my ass.”


Ouch, ouch, ouch, I knew I shouldn’t have volunteered for donkey games with kids, that pin hurts.

*** The Winner ***

Loved a lot of them; had to delete a couple of them, but “The Wifey” wins the prize with her risky, but very clever donkey/disney play on words.


10 thoughts on “CONTEST: What Am I Thinking?

  1. Lady is thinking: “I always knew Eeyore stunk, but come on!”
    Eeyore is thinking: “I hate it when I fart in this suit with the head on!”

    See you in San Diego!

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