Top 5 Tuesday: Current iPod Favorites

Thought I’d give you a different glimpse into my life today and make the top five a little more narrow and current. The top 5 things I am listening to these days on my iPod.

The criteria, it had to be on my iPod right now.

I have been biking and walking quite a bit lately, therefore, I have certainly listened to my iPod a lot more lately.  So, what am I currently choosing?

NW Bible Church, Dallas

NW Bible Church, Dallas

Five: Northwest Worship. This is an album that really reminds me of my summer.  When Youthmark was launching the Gulf Coast trips this last summer in Dallas I was given this CD from my friend at NW Bible Church of Dallas.  The CD features the songs that NW Bible does on Sunday mornings.  It’s an upbeat worship CD.  One of the things I really appreciate about it is it feels very authentic and non-show-y.  Seems like this is a group and a congregation that really enjoys lifting up His name.

images-2Four: U2, The Joshua Tree. This is quite possibly my all-time favorite album from any person or band. I have always been a U2 fan and this is just a classic album.  How can you argue with a first three set of “Where the Streets Have No Name,” “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “With our Without You.”  I would guess that I listen to this album at least once a week; not bad for an album that came out in 1987!

images-4Three: Hymns Ancient and Modern. This album, put out by the Passion tour folk (Crowder, Tomlin, Hall, Redman, etc.) is just plain good.  I love the modern spin they have put on old songs.  I was turned on to this album this last summer in Hawaii. It was the only album in the car I had borrowed.  Every day I had about an hour in the car driving to and fro the house I was using and the church we were serving.  30 minutes of worship songs each way really set the pace for the day and capped the evening of praise well.

Driscoll preachin'

Driscoll preachin'

Two: Mark Driscoll “Trials.” Long-story-short.  I have been biking a lot lately.  My ride around the Lake Youngs Reservoir is a 9.5 mile trail, plus a mile there and a mile back, totally 11.5 miles from my house.  Well, the 11.5 cycling circle takes me just about an hour; what’s really exciting is that a Driscoll sermon takes just about the same.  It’s been fun lately, because when I started biking the trail Driscoll was saying “amen” and I still had about a mile left on the ride, now I am finishing the ride before he is finishing his sermon.  It is NOT because he is preaching for longer, I’m getting faster!  Okay, back to the iTunes/iPod thing, in all seriousness, this series Mark preached last winter/spring has been excellent.  I’ve been challenged through the books of 1 and 2 Peter, I look forward to the ride so I can physically get the work out in, but the Spiritual workout has been equally as gratifying.

Funky Looking David Crowder

Funky Looking David Crowder

One: David Crowder, Church Music.  I just bought this off iTunes a few days ago, haven’t stopped listening to it since.  Not totally true, I have taken a few breaks, but pretty much every time I set up shop and plug in either on my laptop or on my iPod I have put Crowder on first.  I’m digging the funky tunes with great lyrics.

If you’re an iTunes person (or iPod, etc.) what are you currently listing to?  I’m certainly not asking “what is your favorite CD/music” my list may be a little different too, but what is currently in your dock or on the Pod that you would select if you could only choose a few?




One thought on “Top 5 Tuesday: Current iPod Favorites

  1. I love the Seventh Day Slumber Album Take Everything. It’s songs most everyone knows (mighty to save, How great is our God etc…) with a hard rock twist.

    Matt Maher “Empty and Beautiful” plays a lot also.

    I have both playing often!

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