It’s been a long time since I have done this sort of contest, but in the last couple weeks I have had a few brushes with fame, a couple that even have pictures; so we’ll start with the more difficult of the two.

One of the rules, if you were with me on this trip (or if you’re a reader whom I have talked to about this brush), please do not participate in this contest.

I will add clues below the picture every few hours until someone guesses correctly.  You submit your entry by “commenting” with your guess.

The Winner gets the choice of a Youthmark book or Youthmark T-shirt…

Who am I? (specifically the man in this pic)

Who Am I?

Who Am I?


1. I am in an award winning film

2. I grew up in Hawaii

3. My wife is named Robin

4. Youthark dot com blogs

$$$$$ We have a winner!!!! $$$$$ Good work Mr. Byron Rock, way to go Google (I assume?), either that or Byron did the smart thing and read my other blog?  Byron, I think you have the books, so what size t-shirt do you want?


Have fun!



3 thoughts on “CONTEST: Who Am I?

  1. I think he looks kind of like Carl Lumbly from Alias, but that doesn’t fit either of the clues from what I can tell.

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