Mission to Anahola, Hawaii

As most of you knew and it seems many of you followed via my other blog, I was over in Hawaii the last 10 days as part of a two-pronged trip (which ended up being three-pronged).  My first purpose was playing the part of Launch/Landing guy for Youthmark (the front and back weekends of the trip); on top of that I was able to be part-time missionary with the team as well.  I spent my late afternoons and evenings with the team.  The second prong was that of a writing retreat for the 2010 Mission Prep Workbook (I’ll post about that soon).  I intended to spend my mornings and early afternoon doing the writing before heading down the hill to Anahola with the team.  The third, unintended prong was on the phone.  I would guess that I spent 15-18 hours nailing down the new details for our Montana Mission team heading to Philipsburg, MT.  This was a replacement town and much of that time was made making phone calls trying to identify where we would go (a little stressful considering we are two weeks away from the trip).  Those phone conversations were very fruitful and I feel great about the team and the location!  Again, I’ll post more about that soon too, because it was certainly a God-ordained change!

Needless to say, nothing happened quite the way I would have thought, and I didn’t get near the writing done that I had hoped to get done, but I also got to see God work in different ways than I would have ever thought.  Good learning time; great relationships and solid ministry took place.  Here is a look back through pictures!



One thought on “Mission to Anahola, Hawaii

  1. Yay for Philipsburg, but what a pain to make all those calls. I’m praying it is a blessed hook up and a major spiritual victory. You were faithful with a pretty intense situation and I pray that it yields fruit in your life and dare I say, your writing.


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