Curiosity caught me the other day when I sat down to post to this blog.  I was trying to remember when I started my blog, so I went back to the archives and discovered that it was exactly one year ago today!

I decided to start the blog so I would have a way to update friends, family and those who asked how they could support as we began Youthmark.  Of course this is still one of the primary purposes of this blog.  I have enjoyed being creative with it from time to time and have very much appreciated those of you who have prayed for us and even commented from time to time.

If you click here you can read the original blog post.

Since that post I have posted another 286 times (including this one), I have received 381 comments and had nearly 20,000 (19,977) hits on this site (the busiest day had 195 views).

In this next year I think I will keep posting prayer requests for the Aaby family and Youthmark but will slowly transition more of the Youthmark related things to my Youthmark blog here.

Maybe some time this next week I’ll look through some of the archives and give you a “top 5” of my favorite blog posts thus far… any stand out to you?



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