YMV Launch in numbers

114: The total number of participants at the YMV Launch #2.

25: The approximate number of vehicles in the Opportunity Pres. parking lot right now.

19: The number of missionaries who will be “Landing” tonight, coming home from Simms, MT after a great week.

15: The number of people who barely stayed awake to 11:00 PM last night– because they are from Spring TX and had been up since 3:00 AM (Pacific) to catch their flight from Houston.

7: The number of towns these missionaries will be serving this  week (June 27-July 4).

6: The number of churches serving on this second YMV (LSCC has is going to two towns)

5: The approximate number of hours I was able to rest last night.

4: The approximate number of hours I slept last night.

3: The number of times I have been to this Starbucks in less than 15 hours (addiction? No, wifi? Yes).

2: The number of YMV participants at this Starbucks by 6:20 AM–way to go Miki (she just walked in!)

1: The ONE reason we all came, the ONE name we hope to exalt, praise and proclaim, the ONE way to salvation… JESUS!

Appreciate your prayers, my guess is that most of the Youth Pastors will be able to post today, so check out the youthmark.com blogs page.




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