A Youth Ministry Story

The speaker released the students to a 15-minute solo time to think about and perhaps even pray about what each camper had heard over the last five days of this amazing seven-day experience.  Silently they all left the building, the song “silent night’ doesn’t begin to describe how quiet these students were after the powerful demonstration of God’s love being poured out for these high school sinners.

One young man had fallen in love with the scenery surrounding him and knew exactly where he wanted to go and think.  He made his way to a dock overlooking the perfectly still waters.  The reflection of the mountains was almost as clear as the day above the water.

Several other students chose a similar setting, but none was within 50 feet of this soon-to-be-senior.

Kevin, his cabin leader approached him.  Several minutes of conversation ensued, but was quickly coming to an end when Kevin asked, “so, are you ready?”

The young man’s response, “ready for what?”

“Ready to begin a relationship with Jesus?”

“No” he replied.

Kevin, looking like someone just told him water is actually orange, said with hesitation, “really?”

The young man, “you see Kevin, I can’t have a relationship with God, I have too much junk in my life back home; I am not a religious guy, never have been… I cuss, I have done lots of other bad stuff and am dating a girl who really doesn’t believe there is a God.”

Kevin simply sat with the young man for a minute and then quoted and explained Romans 5:8 to him.  “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

The boy didn’t remember the exact words, but remembered the point–you don’t need to clean-up and make-up for your sins before you can have a relationship with God… God initiated and God wants a relationship with you.

On June 28, 1990 (19 years ago today), I asked Jesus to take control of my life.  He became my Lord, my Savior and the ONE whom I desire to please with my life–because He pursued me!



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