Mommy and Halle to the Zoo= Daddy + 2

I have a wonderful day in store, Elisabeth has volunteered with Halle’s class to the Zoo.  What a glorious Seattle day for that adventure.  I’m pretty excited for what it means for me as well.  I get to spend the entire day with Will and Audrey on an adventure of our own.  

There are a few things I still need to get done throughout the day so it’ll be fun to introduce the two to a couple of my regular Wednesday activities!  After breakfast and clean-up we plan on dropping by the Burien Network to hang with the 6-8 Youth Pastors I normally meet with on Wednesday.  We’ll probably cut this one short, because I don’t think those guys can keep up with the discussion topics Will plans to bring to the table today.

I need to swing by a T-Shirt place to pick up my summer missions t-shirts, so that will be fun for the kids to see how T’s are printed.  I then hope to treat the kiddo’s to lunch, depending on the time we’ll join the YP network at La Costa for some good Mexi-food or we’ll do some picnic stuff to a park. 

After a Will nap (and my opportunity to do a few tasks) I’ll take the kids to a park before we fry from the heat and come home to hear about the great zoo adventure!

Pretty excited for a GREAT Daddy, Audrey and Will day!

I have a couple important ministry posts coming over the next couple of days!  Stay tuned!




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