Want some Garlic on your wax?

I have been battling some sort of sickness for about the last week.  Minor muscle and joint aches, then some sort throat for a day, then all of a sudden I am fine, only to have it return the next day; this went on from Tuesday to Saturday last week, well, then it just hit full-bore for Saturday thru today.  My throat is pretty raw and my ear began aching Sunday as well.

I almost went to the doctor last night, but c’mon, who wants to spend $100 on a doc saying “it’s probably just a viral thing, you need to wait it out?”  So I saved myself $100 and told myself, “it’s probably just a viral thing, you need to wait it out.”

So, this morning my wife remembered she had some really cool drops for ear-infections.  So we tried them on my ear. I say this just in the case you see me sometime in the next couple days… you might smell me before you see me actually.  A couple of the main ingredients in these drops: olive oil and garlic! 

Welcome to my Italian Restaurant, would you like some ear-wax Lasagna?

My throat still hurts, but weird-as-it-might-sound, my ear feels (and smells) better!



One thought on “Want some Garlic on your wax?

  1. sure it’s not mild airborne allergies? Everything in the world is blooming right now and my sister and I were both having breathing issues just walking/talking, etc. this last week due to our asthma with too much gunk in the air.

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