Are You Serious?

Yesterday was a busy day; got up early and was out the door by 6:20 on my way down south.  Got in about 90 minutes of writing before catching up with Wescott over coffee.  After the coffee I was on the road even further south to Chehalis to meet with Portland friend, Kirk (Chehalis is about the half-way point between our homes).  While meeting with Kirk one of our friends and Youthmark Mission Venture client, Jeff (the key to the title of this post) arrived at Starbucks with his wife and one of their daughters.  After chatting with Jeff, extending my meeting with Kirk by going to Applebees I stopped by for a quick coffee with Brad in Lacey.

Okay, back to the Jeff conversation at the Chehalis Starbucks:

We were chatting about all the things he has going this weekend, including a fundraising dinner tonight for the mission.  Then it hit… it was Friday.  Then it really hit:  His mission trip starts exactly three weeks from now.  

As my friend Dylan would post:  Are You Serious?

Wow, three weeks from yesterday begin the actual mission trips!  

Speaking of that, I have been blogging a lot more over at my blog here.  Would love for you to follow and even comment there (while there, read the church blogs too… pray!).



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