Weekend To Do

We are officially two weeks away from the launch of our first mission trips!  The first weekend will only have one team going out.  First Baptist of Chehalis will be heading to Simms, MT!  

This weekend will be crunch time for the completion of a few major projects in order to have things set for the trips.  Please take the time to praise God for the following items and the pray for the things that still need to get done!


  • I have the Mission T-shirts in tow (picked them up today)
  • We have all of our Launch/Landing sites set up and confirmed!
  • Road Grip and Home Base are completed and off to graphic design and publishing (for a quick turnaround).

Prayer Requests:

  • The Merge (previously 14 Ways for 14 Days) needs to be completed by the end of the weekend, this underwent a MAJOR change I will post about after it is complete, it is exciting though!
  • Waiting for a very important call from a receiving town Pastor who has not gotten back to me, this could throw a major wrench in things (him not getting back to me), so pray all the details get worked out and that he calls me ASAP!
  • Working on some final details for the schedules of the Launch and Landing weekends.

Thanks so much for your prayers!  I am so thankful to God for His provision and am trusting Him with all the details!



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